Spinning Books
The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning 
Care and Feeding of Spinning Wheels 
Color in Spinning
Hands on Spinning
Knitting With Dog Hair : 
Better a Sweater from a Dog You Know and Love Than from a Sheep You'll Never Meet
Spindle Spinning : From Novice to Expert
Spinning Designer Yarns
Spinning Wheel Primer
The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book 
The Whole Craft of Spinning from the Raw Material to the Finished Yarn
The American Pioneer : Natural Fibers, Spinning Wheels-Weaving, and Animals
Anyone Can Build a Spinning Wheel 
Ara's Amazing Spinning Wheel
Colonial Flax Spinning Wheel Plans
Craft of Hand Spinning
The Friendly Spinning Wheel (Michigan Pioneer Farmer Series Vol. 1)
Hand Spinning Cotton
Handspinning Flax
The Loving Stitch : A History of Knitting and Spinning in New Zealand 
A No-Lathe Saxony-Style Spinning Wheel Construction Manual (Spinster Helper Series)
Spinning & Weaving With Wool 
Spinning and Spinning Wheels (Shire Album Series No. 43) 
Spinning and Weaving 
Spinning and Weaving : A Practical Guide
Studies in Ancient Technology : The Fibres and Fabrics of Antiquity - Washing, Bleaching,  Fulling and Felting - Dyes and Dyeing - Spinning - Sewing , Vol 4 
The Woolcraft Book 
The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book by Rachel Brown 
Yes Its Made from My Dogs Hair : 
An Owners Guide to Harvesting Your Pets Coat and Spinning It into Yarn
Angora : A Handbook for Spinners
The Art of the Loom : Weaving Spinning and Dyeing Across the World
The Ashford Book of Spinning
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