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Sustainable Manufacturing

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Jacquard Loom

With and For Artists for Over a Decade


Custom Woven Art

A new era of weaving. |WITH AND FOR ARTISTS

At FiberArt we work with modern day Jacquard Looms, operated and maintained by highly skilled weavers. Coupling this with advancements in our systems has allowed us to deliver highly detailed and vivid custom tapestries, and fabric, to artists around the world.

Having always had artists in mind, FiberArt works side by side with them in order to assure they get what they want, and more than what they pay for. Our Artist Liaisons are attentive, and astute problem solvers, working in tandem with weavers and artists every day to help create beautiful works of woven art.

soft tapestry


/sôft ˈtapəstrē/

1. a plush, woven tapestry that can be used as a throw, décor, or display

2. a woven blanket

Foliage blanket

Blanket Design by: Sarah Simpson

Stone Stack Zen Blanket


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