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Welcome to FiberArt

We are a specialized business focused on weaving artwork for artists around the world for over a decade. Being located in the foothills of Western North Carolina, the weaving is a deep rooted part of our history that we want to share with artists everywhere.

A Brief History on
Jacquard Weaving

As some may well know, Jacquard looms revolutionized the textile industry in a big way. Before the Jacquard looms were introduced, highly detailed and ornate fabrics would take several months or even years to develop. The Jacquard looms addressed this problem by pioneering a system that is considered the first type of coding and programable device. Punch cards were designed for each fabric pattern in order to dictate what color yarns were being pulled up and pushed down in the loom, while the weaver would control the yarn moving back and forth in the loom horizontally. This level of automation at the time not only cut the weave time down drastically, but the price of the fabric as well.

Weaving with

Around a decade ago, George Clark (owner and CEO of FiberArt) noticed a lack of resources and accessibility in the textile industry for artists. Seeing that artists wanted to be able to easily explore a new medium, he founded FiberArt with the goal of giving artists this creative freedom.

Since it's founding, FiberArt has pushed forward in the world of weaving to continue allowing this timeless art to be readily accessible to all artists. With innovations in programming, and machinery, our highly skilled weavers and artist work alongside you to provide you with a fully woven version of any artwork you send to us. With the history, and multicultural traditions of textiles and weaving, we want to allow anyone to explore this expressive medium.

Expert Weavers

Path to

At FiberArt, we have always been dedicated to the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Throughout the years we have updated our equipment and manufacturing approach in order to further our commitment to creating a product that is both the best for the consumer, and best for the environment. When tackling this, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Having questions like "Is using 100% cotton the most sustainable approach?" and "Is recycled cotton going to remain a sustainable solution moving forward?" is something that we handle every day. These questions, alongside years of research and product development, have led us to a healthy and balanced sustainable product that we can continue to improve on as the world develops new technologies and sustainable solutions in the textile world.

Loom Yarn
OEKO TEX Standard 100

Standard 100


Our woven textiles are certified as OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. This certification ensures that our materials have been tested and proven that they are free of any harmful and toxic chemicals. 


Jacki Moore

FiberArt Director

(828)-859-9916 ext.255

Shakayla  ALT.png

Shakayla Littlejohn

Artist Liaison

(828)-859-9916 ext.124

Josh  ALT.png

Joshua Ridings

Artist Liaison

(828)-859-9916 ext.222

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