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custom woven blankets


custom woven wall hangings

Made in: USA

Shipping: Domestic

Dropshipping: Nationwide

Woven with immaculate amount of detail, these tapestries are a cozy way for you to display your art.

Made with a blend of 100% Cotton and Recycled Cotton, these tapestries are often used as breathable throw blankets and stunning decor. It is also easily maintained (washer and dryer safe), and only gets softer over time!

Having master weavers transfer your artwork into a woven product is made possible with our Jacquard Looms. While utilizing six thread colors, our weavers can create an entire palette of 147 unique colors that are able to weave virtually anything you send our way (Including Photographs!). From fine detail, to color contrast, we work directly with you to make sure your artwork comes out picture perfect.

Many artist use our soft tapestries for not only wall hangings and blankets, but for trendy apparel work as well!

  • All of our fabric is woven on demand.

  • Recreates Traditional Art, Photography, and Graphic Designs through weaving

  • Artist Liaison Service

  • Colorful Fringe

  • Comes in Four Sizes

    • 72" x 54"​

    • 62" x 54"

    • 84" x 62"

    • 54" Wide Yardage

Digital Weaving Color Palette
Woven Color Palette
OEKO TEX Standard 100

Standard 100


Our woven textiles are certified as OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. This certification ensures that our materials have been tested and proven that they are free of any harmful and toxic chemicals. 

More Info

Materials & Care

- Sustainable Cotton

Currently, all of our blankets are woven with a sustainable blend of cotton and recycled cotton. This creates a long lasting, fade/shrink resistant, and breathable blanket.

All of our blankets are machine washable! Not only that, but much like a nice denim jacket, the blankets only get softer the more they are used and washed.


Non-Standard Sizes

- Yardage

Our Jacquard looms are set to weave two  widths of tapestry, 54" and 60". The width of the tapestry is the only size limiting factor, you can order yardage in both our Soft Tapestry and our Upholstery Weight Tapestry. This will allow you to customize fabric for apparel, sculptures, displays, and furniture.

Custom Upholstery


- White Labeled

All orders fulfilled by FiberArt are shipped in unmarked, and non-branded, recyclable packaging. This means that there will be no packing slip or label that included the FiberArt branding or information.

Blank Packaging
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