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Venturing Towards a Better Tomorrow 

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At FiberArt, we have always been dedicated to the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Throughout the years we have updated our equipment and manufacturing approach to further our commitment to creating a product that is best for the consumer and the environment.


Our process begins with eco-friendly materials. Our blankets are comprised of 100% cotton, utilizing 25% recycled cotton, and any manufacturing waste is also recycled. The manufacturing process focuses on energy and resource-efficient machinery, which allows us to operate with minimal environmental impact.


From there we have order solutions (Weave-On-Demand) that minimize transportation and waste, and cut down unnecessary storage allocation for the buyer. This process builds a more sustainable supply chain.


Lastly, our products are made to last a lifetime, which keeps them out of landfills due to damage or wear. Years of research and product development have led us to a healthy and balanced sustainable product and process that we can continue to improve on as the world develops new technologies and sustainable solutions in the textile world.

Our Journey Going Green

From Materials, to Manufacturing, to Distribution...

Our goal is not only to manufacture a product that consists of sustainable materials but to develop a sustainable manufacturing process and environment as well. 

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