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Creating, Selling, and Displaying Woven Blankets

Woven Tapestries and Blankets

No nails, screws, or tools needed!

This method is apartment and mistake friendly, utilizing command strips to avoid damaging the wall, and allowing you to move it's location without the need for repairs.

  • How do I Become a FiberArt Client?
    If you’d like to become a FiberArt client and receive customized support, order a sample or place a bulk order, please click the "Sign Up" option under Account in the menu bar. Your FiberArt team will contact you to begin weaving your art!
  • What is the Tapestry & Fabric Content?
    Our tapestries are a subtle mix of spun cotton and recycled cotton. We use as much recycled cotton as we can. Recycled cotton contains trace amounts of polyester fiber to maintain its strength. Waste from the creation of throws and upholstery fabric is remade into clothing or other textiles such as rugs and towels. From our bins, shredded scraps are sorted by color. Then they are either woven back into yarn or used for nonwoven textiles and stuffing.
  • What are the Wash & Care Instructions for Soft Woven Tapestry?
    Hand or machine wash separately in cold water on delicate cycle using mild detergent. No bleach. Line dry or machine dry on cool cycle only.
  • COVID-19 Restrictions
    FiberArt is committed to ensuring that our company’s COVID-19 planning, preparedness and response are a priority. We are focusing on efforts on supporting our customers and employees and providing updates regarding placing, processing and shipping orders. At this time, our sewing department is limited so we cannot offer finishing options at this time.
  • What is Weave-on-Demand?
    Weave On Demand orders can be fulfilled after a sample is approved and a unique SKU number is assigned. After samples are approved, orders can be submitted via spreadsheet, single email, or via Order Desk. Order Desk is recommended as we can integrate with your Shopify site (among hundreds of other web stores) so orders flow seamlessly. Here is a link to Order Desk's integrations page : ​ Clients can complete a credit application to apply for Net 30 terms or payment can be processed by credit card for each order. The MOQ for WOD orders is one piece and ideally, you would place 25 orders or more a month. Most orders ship within five to seven days after we receive the order and can be fulfilled as soon as your orders are placed on your online web store. We have several clients who have integrated their Shopify site with our Order Desk account and orders are received within minutes of being placed by your customers. International Orders: The recipient will be contacted directly by UPS/FedEx for customs fees and taxes for orders delivered outside of the US. There is also the option for us to pay the customs fees/taxes and bill you at a later time.
  • How do I enter orders?
    There are several ways to enter orders into Order Desk; by adding each order manually into Order Desk, uploading a spreadsheet, setting up an integration with your web store like Shopify or Etsy.
  • When can WOD order be placed?
    After your sample(s) are approved and assigned a SKU number in our system, WOD orders can be placed.
  • What kind of shipping options do you have?
    All US orders are shipped with two day service and international orders are shipped as priority.
  • What is the turnaround time?
    Most orders ship within 7 days.
  • Will tracking information be sent to me?
    Tracking information will be emailed to you and also added to each order in Order Desk. Tracking information can also be sent to your web store so the information can be emailed to your customer.
  • Can I still place bulk orders if I use WOD?
    Yes, bulk orders will need to be emailed to
  • What web stores can be integrated?
    Order Desk integrates with hundreds of web stores and you can also request to add an integration. More information here.
  • How do I Edit Artwork for Weaving?
    In jacquard weaving, artwork is reduced in size to small pixel files and later expanded in our weaving software to the end size of the woven fabric. Each pixel on a design image represents approximately 1 crossover point of a warp (vertical) thread and weft (horizontal) thread. For best results, we recommend resizing your artwork to the exact pixel dimensions that correspond with your planned woven size product. It is not necessary but will produce the most accurate weaving results. It is beneficial to see what design elements may be minimized or lost all together when you greatly reduce file size, especially for artists accustomed to printing at larger high resolution file sizes.
  • Why "Pixel Perfect" Artwork?
    Click to watch a video on preparing artwork for weaving.
  • What Colors Should I Use?
    FiberArt offers 147 colors in our palette and we encourage our clients to color match to the design. ACO swatch files are available. You can also purchase a soft woven tapestry palette blanket or upholstery weight palette swatch to provide an idea of the colors we can achieve. FiberArt clients can also discuss designs with an in-house Artist who specializes in creating artwork for weaving. We do not work in CMYK or use layered image files.
  • Order Quantities for Bulk Pricing
    FiberArt specializes in bulk orders and our minimum order quantity to receive bulk pricing is 24 pieces of 1 design. Another division here at Pure Country Weavers, PhotoWeavers, is the best option for smaller quantity orders and does not require a client login. Navigate to and you’re ready to begin purchasing our products.
  • What are FiberArt's Pricing Policies?
    Please contact us for pricing details. We can provide a customized quote tailored to your needs
  • What are FiberArt's Shipping Policies?
    All orders will ship via UPS if within the United States. We ship worldwide using FedEx. On average the cost to ship a Soft Tapestry is in the $35-$55 range. Feel free to ask for a custom shipping quote when contacting us.
  • How does FiberArt Handle Taxes & VAT?
    We use UPS to ship orders within the United States. FedEx International is our preferred shipper for international orders. All orders will ship to your address of choice. Our clients are responsible for taxes depending on the country of residence. Please contact FedEx for more information.


Woven Blanket Fringe

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