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8 Different Ways to Add Custom Woven Jacquard Fabrics into Your Interior Design Projects

Do you want to make your home look really special and unique? Custom woven jacquard fabrics are a great way to do that! Jacquard fabrics have elegant and attractive patterns woven right into them. These fabrics are perfect for interior design projects because they add beautiful, eye-catching texture. 

When you order custom jacquard fabric, you can decide exactly what the patterns will look like. Also, since the designs are woven right into them, they’ll never fade or peel off. But the big question is – how do you add them into your new or existing home décor and interior design projects?

Whether you want to revamp your home or you are working on a commercial project, these custom jacquard fabrics can elevate your living space. Let’s take a look at some creative ways to add custom woven jacquard fabrics into your interior design projects.

Make Pillows and Throw Blankets

A few jacquard pillows can instantly add an elegant, luxurious touch to your couch or bed. You can choose fun patterns or colors that complement your home’s style. In fact, you can even mix and match different colors to create beautiful cohesion. Also, you can make a custom woven jacquard throw blanket to add more comfort and warmth to your living area. Spread the throw blankets over your sofa or keep it folded on your couch.

Revamp Your Furniture Pieces 

Do you have an old armchair, couch, or ottoman in your home? Custom woven jacquard fabrics can be a good way to revamp these furniture pieces. The textured woven patterns of the jacquard fabrics will add more depth and beauty, something you may be unable to achieve with plain fabrics. Also, since jacquard is quite durable, your furniture will look lovely for years. Both your family and guests will admire and appreciate them more.

Frame It as Wall Art

Why just hang paintings in your living space when you can display woven fabric art? Order a custom woven tapestry that you really love. Once it arrives, you can stretch and frame it just like a canvas, or hand them like traditional tapestries. When you use the custom woven jacquard fabric as wall art, it will make a beautiful, unique focal point in any room.

Make Custom Table Runners and Placemats

Are you tired of the plain fabric on your dining table and would like to add more style? Dress up your dining table with jacquard placemats, table runners, or a full tablecloth. The woven patterns will give such a classy look for entertaining. You can use neutral tones for an everyday table setting. You can also use bold jewel tones for special occasions. The jacquard fabric can also work as napkins to really impress your guests.

Make Bedding and Bedspreads

Custom woven jacquard fabrics can be a great way to improve the looks and style of your bedroom. You can use the fabrics to make bedspreads, and other bedding items. The jacquard fabrics will add more texture and elegance to your sleeping space. You can go for vibrant colors or neutral tones or just choose a color that matches your style.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, custom woven jacquard fabrics offer lots of possibilities to improve your interior design. You can use them to make pillows, throw blankets, bedspreads, and wall art. You can also use them to revamp your old furniture! No matter how you use them, their ability to be custom woven, and timeless appeal, will transform your space into something truly unique. Visit to learn more about our custom woven jacquard fabrics today.

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