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Comprehensive Guide to Selling Textiles as an Artist Online

Are you an artist who creates beautiful textiles, blankets, clothing, or other art pieces? Selling your work online can help you reach many potential customers and build a successful business. In this guide, we will provide some helpful tips and tricks for artists looking to sell their blankets, tapestries, fiber art, or other textile pieces successfully online. 

Take Great Product Photos

Do you know that high quality product photography tends to result in higher conversion rates? This was proven in a study by Shopify, showing that products with high-quality photos retained a 94% higher conversion rate than the poorer quality competition. They stated in the same study that the high quality images distill a sense of trust and confidence in the product and brand. This is especially important when selling unique textiles. Shoppers can't experience your textiles in person online. For this reason, it is important that you display beautiful photos of your product. You can use a simple backdrop and good lighting to showcase colors and textures accurately. You want pictures that make people wish they could reach through the screen!

Write Detailed Item Descriptions

Apart from quality photos, you also need to write a well-detailed description of the product. Clearly explain what materials you used, the size or dimensions, and any special weaving techniques. You can also include instructions to care for the textile or artwork. In addition, describe the inspiration behind the piece and what makes it unique. Telling the story helps buyers feel a personal connection. However, do not use any complex language - keep it clear and conversational.

Optimize Your Listings for Search

Take your time to do some research on common keywords and phrases people use when shopping for textiles like yours. Sprinkle these popular search terms throughout your titles, descriptions, tags and other details. This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your product to rank higher and interested buyers will be able to find your online listings.

Set Competitive but Fair Prices

Also, you should spend time researching what similar artists charge for their textile work. You'll want to be in a reasonable range, though on the lower end when you are first starting out. However, do not underprice your art pieces. You don't want customers to assume lower cost means lower quality. You can also consider your material costs and labor to determine a fair price.

Offer a Range Of Product Options

In addition to selling full-sized blankets, you could offer smaller items like tapestry wall hangings, placemats, or pillows. Consider bundling multiple pieces together at a discount. Having options at various price ranges allows more shoppers to afford your work. You can also entice your buyers by adding limited edition collections or customization to your online offers.

Build an Email Marketing List

Encourage shoppers to subscribe to your email list so you can notify them about sales, new product releases, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and other interesting content. An email list helps you build relationships with potential buyers over time. Just don't overdo the emails. Only send email to your subscribers at a reasonable, consistent schedule.

Stay Active on Social Media

Choose some social platforms that are popular with your target audience. This may be Instagram, X (Twitter), or Facebook. Share your latest textile designs, process photos, news, and promotions. You can also use relevant hashtags to reach new audiences and customers. Respond to comments to create a community around your brand. Social media is a good place to create awareness about your products and drive website traffic.

Partner With Influencers or Bloggers

Reach out to popular accounts or blogs in your industry or niche about the possibility of collaborating with them. Perhaps they'd be interested in a sponsored post, product review, or giveaway featuring your woven textiles. These brand partnerships introduce you to their established audiences who may become loyal customers to your brand.

Offer Easy Shipping and Returns

No one wants to deal with confusing shipping policies or fees. This is why you need to clearly display shipping rates and timing upfront. You may even offer free shipping to customers who purchase over a certain amount. And make your return policy customer-friendly in case someone needs to exchange an item. Little issues around logistics or late deliveries can affect online sales.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Lastly, you need to always offer excellent custom service on your store. Respond promptly and politely to any buyer questions or concerns. You can add a personalized or handwritten thank-you note with each order. You can also follow up with customers to ask how they're enjoying their textile purchase. Doing this can help improve your relationship with customers. If you offer quality personal service, your customers will keep coming back.


Selling your textiles online allows you to share your artistic talents with the world from the comfort of your home or personal studio. By implementing the insightful tips mentioned above, you can build a successful e-commerce presence to sell your textiles and other artwork online. Most importantly, ensure that you only offer unique, meaningful art pieces that customers would appreciate. If you're interested in getting started in the textile art world, simply reach out to our FiberArt artist liaison team for your first woven sample!

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