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How to Make a Woven Blanket & More

Updated: Mar 21

Designing Textiles

FiberArt makes weaving custom blankets incredibly easy, but how do you create a design that will translate well into a woven throw? Well, we are going to go over some ways to plan your designs for being woven into merchandise, display, décor, and clothing fabric.

Custom Woven Blankets | Artist Merch

Creating woven blankets for your online shop, or brick-and-mortar store, can be as simple as creating prints of your art. All of our woven blankets are color-matched to get as close as possible to the original artwork's colors in a woven medium. Digital Artists, Traditional Artists, and Photographers have all had their work translated into woven merchandise to sell alongside their other products. So if you already have print-on-demand products, making blankets is as easy as making any of those!

The thing we hear the most often from creators whose income comes from merchandising is that they enjoy having something so unique and premium to easily add to their website. Check out our Weave-On-Demand option to add blankets to your online store today!

Person standing with woven blanket
Design by: Carne Bollente
American Traditional Tattoo Woven Blanket
Design by: The Inked Traveler

Custom Woven Tapestry | Display

Our Upholstery Fabric and Woven Blankets have been used for home décor and gallery display by artists around the world. A lot of our artists have used the woven medium to better tell a story, evoke a feeling from the viewer, or create a tactile experience unique to textiles. Some add to the woven piece with embroidery, sewing techniques, or even stretch the woven piece like canvas! Draw inspiration from gallery and displays that speak to you, and think of how you can tell your story through weaving. We have some great examples below and in our Projects Page.

Custom Sound Dampener Artwork
Design By: Valerie Kiser
Our Stories of Migration Gallery Tapestry
Design By: Natalia Nakazawa

Custom Woven Blankets | Décor

Woven blankets make great cozy couch throws that double as the perfect wall hanging. Coupling this with our custom woven pillow covers, you could create an entirely cohesive and custom décor set.

When thinking in terms of translating your artwork and style into a décor oriented product, try to imagine the piece in different decorated settings. Would it work in a modern interior? What about more rustic or eclectic settings? Being able to decide whether you want to cater to specific design styles, or create general designs that work in most interior spaces, will help guide your design and marketing choices.

Custom Woven Tapestry Display Artwork
Design By: Tahlia Stanton
Custom Woven Pillowcases by K'era Morgan
Design By: K'era Morgan

Custom Woven Fabric | Clothing

Creating custom woven apparel has seen a massive boom in the last year. Items like blanket hoodies, tribute merch, and designer apparel for runways have been popping up left and right.

Creating apparel may seem like a daunting project for someone who has never sewn before, but there are several tutorials, resources, and sewing patterns available for free online. If you're completely new to sewing (or even if you're a veteran of the craft) we would suggest creating a pair of pants/sweatpants. Pants tend to have more simple measurements and sewing patterns, which will allow you to become more familiar with how the fabric acts when being sewn. Pants can also be as simple or complex as you want to make them, creating a steady learning curve for those new to designing clothing.

Custom Woven Hoodie Design Fredo Bang
Design By: Shania Kaisean
Custom Woven Dress London Fashion Week
Design By: Tahlia Stanton & Fashion Studio

Custom Woven Artwork | Just Create!

All of these sections are meant to get your creative brain thinking of different ways to utilize custom woven fabric and blankets in your next project or merch drop. Other artists we work with have created sculptures, merged other mediums with textiles, and integrated interactive AR into their designs. Why not give weaving a try?

The textile art community has always been thinking outside of the box. We are excited to see the new and exciting ways weaving will be utilized by artists in the future!

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