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Sustainable Décor & Fashion: Upcycling Blankets into Stylish Clothing

According to a survey of 10,281 global consumers, about 78% agree that environmental sustainability is important and would love to live more sustainable lives. Many individuals are beginning to embrace sustainability in various aspects of their lives through upcycling. Upcycling offers a creative and eco-friendly way to give old items a new life and make them useful again.

Do you have old blankets lying around? Don't throw them away! You can give those blankets a new life by upcycling them into amazing new products. Blanket upcycling involves transforming your old or unwanted blankets into something new and useful. Whether you turn them into a home décor or a cozy piece of clothing, blanket upcycling can be a great way to reduce waste and turn your old blankets into something truly special.

The Rise of Blanket Upcycling: Turning Blankets into Clothing

Blanket upcycling started with a simple idea: our favorite blankets may seem old, but how can we still make them useful? Rather than storing or throwing them away, people began upcycling old blankets into cozy clothing like hoodies, pants, and ponchos. The soft, warm material of blankets made them perfect for creating comfortable and stylish pieces. 

What's more, some artists and crafters started designing their own blankets and weaving them into custom-woven merchandise. This made it possible for people to wear their memories (favorite blankets) wrapped around them like a warm hug. Here are some lovely ways that people turned their old blankets into pieces of clothing:

Hoodies from Blankets

Creating a hoodie from an old blanket can be really lovely! Cut out the body and sleeves, then sew it all together. Add a zipper or buttons for the front closure. The lush blanket material makes a unique custom product.

Blanket Pants

Have you ever imagined a trouser pant made from an unused blanket? Blanket pants are easy to make. They are also ultra-comfy to wear around the house. Simply cut out two leg shapes from the blanket, sew up the inseams, and add an elastic waistband.

Woven Ponchos

You can also get creative by sewing a blanket into a poncho. The fringe on a woven blanket gives a stylish flair to the fashion piece. This is by far the easiest to accomplish out of the three design options, it can be as simple as cutting a hole into the center of a blanket and hemming the edges!

Designing Custom Blankets

What's more, as an alternative to upcycling, people also started designing custom blankets from scratch. They were able to fully personalize these blankets - from the materials and colors down to the patterns and styles. Rather than working with an existing pre-made blanket, crafters began weaving their own.

Designing custom blankets gives room for unlimited creativity. With custom blanket designs, artists are able to select high-quality yarns in various colors and textures. Also, many artists now offer these custom-designed and woven blankets as premium merchandise or home decor pieces.

If you enjoy sewing, then you should also try designing your own custom blankets to transform into fashion pieces. These fashion design pieces have been growing in popularity for independent designer around the world. Not only that, making custom blanket hoodies has been an growing trend in the music & festival industry!

How to Upcycle Blankets

Are you ready to breathe new life into your old and unused blankets? Here are some easy ways to upcycle them into useful home decor items:


Do you have old furniture pieces in your living space? Give your living room furniture a refresh by reupholstering it with a cozy blanket. You can also make simple pillowcases by folding the blanket over and stitching up the open end.

Room Dividers/Privacy Panels

Do you want to create a private space in your living room or you have a large space and want to partition them? Your old blankets can become useful again. Hang blankets from ceiling to floor to create room dividers for extra privacy, or attach them to a folding screen frame. Add fun patterns, textures, and decorations along the edges for a more appealing look.

Sound Dampening Panels

Too much noise in your home? No problem! Blankets can help absorb sound and reduce echoes. Stretch blankets over wooden frames to make wall-mounted sound-dampening panels. This can be very functional for home studios or offices.

Tote Bags

Turn a section of blanket into a stylish and sturdy tote bag. Add straps, pockets, and fun trimmings for a totally unique carry-all. You can use the tote bag to hold groceries in your kitchen or take the bag along with you when going shopping.

Blanket Rugs

Do you want to add more warmth to your living room with rugs? Stitch together strips of blankets to make an ultra-plush area rug. The layered textures and colors create such a comfy and welcoming feel.


Don't let those old blankets collect dust or be sent to the landfill! With a little creativity, you can upcycle them into all kinds of fantastic new products like clothing, home decor, and accessories. Moreover, blanket upcycling is an eco-friendly way to reduce waste while making unique items. Get inspired and start transforming your old and unwanted blankets today!

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