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Working with Artist's for over a Decade.

Jumpstarting Your Online Brand

Many of the artists we work with and for have seen tremendous success with woven blankets. Whether it is working with galleries and gaining prominence in the traditional artworld, or building a massive online following spearheaded by woven throw and tapestry, they have carved out a space for themselves in the art world through textiles.


Our goal since day one has been to make weaving art more accessible and easy for artists. It doesn't matter what medium you work in, we can weave and color match almost anything you send us, and we will teach you how to be successful in weaving your artwork. 

And we just made it easier, and more affordable to start weaving...

Weave On Demand

Bulk Weaving

A Quick, and Affordable Start to Weaving

Weave-On-Demand is our latest program that allows artists to connect their stores directly with our weavers. Anytime a customer orders a woven blanket from your online shop, we will have it woven instantly and shipped directly to them in non-branded & eco-friendly packaging!

This is a great way to get started without having to worry about inventory, shipping, or a higher cost for entry. It also allows you to change your woven blanket's design any time you want to, and not have to worry about left over stock from the previous design.

Start Weaving Today!

We Look Forward To Weaving With You!

A "Hands On" Preference for Weaving

Our more traditional approach to selling blankets is through bulk orders. This is the preference for artists who want to add branded packaging, labels, and extra items to their customers orders. It's also a good option if you are attending conventions, or have a brick and mortar store that they would like to stock with woven blankets.

While the price of entry is higher than W-O-D, the cost per blanket is lower. So for those with an established brand who have a storage allocation and shipping workflow, this option would be perfect for you! 

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We Look Forward To Weaving With You!

Want to Know More?

Check out our artist resources page and blog posts for everything weaving. From color matching, to the intricacies of the textile creation, all of it is available here!

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