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2024 Design Trends for Illustrators and Artists

As 2024 moves forward, artists and illustrators are looking for new and creative ways to make their work stand out. From mystical themes to natural motifs, bold colors, and more, there are lots of fresh trends in the art world. In fact, a lot of artists are blending their iconic styles with upcoming trends to set their creations and merchandise apart. In this blog, we will explore some of the top design trends that online artists are using for their merchandise in 2024 (such as tarot cards & minimalism).

Big Bold Colors 

One trend that lots of artists are embracing is the use of big, bold colors. Vibrant accents or blocks of colors to make designs pop, and grab users attention on social media. Many artists aren't necessarily moving away from softer palettes, rather enhancing them with eye catching accents that set the designs apart. Some colors to keep your eyes on will be ones such as deep purples, fiery oranges, electric blues, and a "green revival". Upcoming artists online need to create art that demands attention, and this is a good way to go about it.

Minimalist Line Drawings

Have you thought about creating art pieces using simple lines? While it may just seem like simple lines, there is a lot of thought that goes into the practice. Since the linework is the single focus of the art piece, you have to perfect your technique and bring something new or interesting to the scene. The creation process also requires general confidence in your linework being steady and accurate. This will affect the line weight, readability, and crispness of the finished piece. These pieces of art are usually complimented with bold organic or geometric shapes that add a pop of color.

Retro and Vintage Vibes

Even in 2024, retro designs are coming back and giving artists new ideas to create wonderful artwork. In fact, when it comes to design aesthetics, old-school is the new trend. Many artists are being inspired by retro and vintage trends from past decades. You'll see art with a 60s and 70s feel. The art pieces are complete with groovy color palettes and colored patterns. There are also lots of art decor styles returning from the early 1900s, including reupholstering vintage furniture with custom upholstery fabric

Weird and Abstract Imagery

Do you still think art should be perfect? Maybe you need to think again. This is 2024, and to be honest, art doesn't have to make perfect sense. Odd and unusual imagery is becoming more and more popular. Artists and illustrators are always experimenting with different styles that are odd or abstract in unexpected ways. Some categories include bizarre dreamscapes, low poly art, or niche references to meme & pop culture. This trend tends to help artists stand out in their community, and attract new audiences.

Natural and Earthy Motifs 

Have you considered art with natural motifs? Some artists keep things interesting by embracing natural and earthy motifs in their designs. Artists and illustrators are making various drawings that are filled with plants, flowers, and trees. These earthy elements give art an hopeful, free-spirited vibe. The plant parent aesthetic is always going to be on trend, so see what you can contribute for all the happy plant owners out there!

Text and Typography Focus

Another design trend that is becoming more popular among artists this year is a focus on text and typography. Artists are now adding text and playing with typography in their pieces. Some of these designs and art are about words and letters. Others are looking for creative ways to add phrases, quotes, and sayings into their illustrations. Illustrators are also adding more personality to the artwork by choosing unique fonts. 

Mystical and Magical Themes

If you browse artists' merchandise lately, you'll notice lots of mystical and magical themes. Many creators are drawing inspiration from tarot, astrology, witchcraft, folklores, and dark fairytales. Their art features celestial imagery, mythical creatures, occult symbols, and an overall mysterious feel. This trend taps into the wonders of humanity about the unseen world. Tarot card redesigns and astrology sign art has been a consistent trend for merchandise designs for the past 8 or so years (probably longer). So while it's a safe trend to hop on, try to stay on brand and add something new to the space in order to stand out. Audiences love a themed collection, so give it a try!

Final Thoughts

The year 2024 has been a wonderful time for illustrators and artists so far. There are lots of design trends that are now being used to breathe new life into merchandise, and allow artists to do what they love for a living. These trends are here to inspire you to expand your collection of offerings for your audience, and attract new customers. As we reach the midpoint of the year, more and more artists will continue to embrace these design trends. But who knows what creative directions artists will take design in the months ahead. The world of art is always evolving in new and imaginative ways.

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