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Cool Ideas for Hot Blanket Sales This Summer

Do you know that your beautiful woven blankets can become an essential part of summer fun? Summer is here, and you might think it's time to pack away your blankets until fall. But wait! As an artist, there are plenty of ways to keep your blanket business booming even when the temperature rises. With a little creativity, you can turn your woven blankets into must-have summer accessories. In this article, we'll explore some exciting ideas for designing and marketing blankets that are perfect for warm-weather activities. 

Picnic Perfect

When the sun is shining, everyone loves a good picnic. Why not make your blankets the star of these outdoor meals? Design blankets that are comfortable to sit on, and also good for outdoor use. Choose bright, cheerful colors and patterns to make your blankets stand out when spread on green grass. 

Don't forget to include some fun picnic-themed designs, such as ants, fruits, or other lovely patterns. Market these blankets as the perfect base for any outdoor meal, from casual park lunches to romantic sunset dinners.

Festival Fun

Music festivals are quite common during summer, and your blankets can be too! Create lightweight, packable blankets that festival-goers will love to use and show off. You can make various designs that match the festival vibe.

In your marketing, highlight how these blankets are perfect for sitting on during performances or wrapping up during cold evenings. Also, you can describe how the blankets can be a makeshift shade during hot afternoons. You can partner with local festivals to get more attendees to buy and use your blankets.

Stargazing Snuggles

Summer nights are perfect for stargazing, and your blankets can make this activity even more magical. With so many astrology themed designs trending, making a series of stargazing blankets would be a breeze.

Beach Beauties

No summer is complete without a trip to the beach, and your blankets can be the perfect companion for beach-goers. You may also design your woven blankets with tropical patterns or ocean themes. In your marketing, highlight how your blankets make beach days more comfortable and stylish. Show off your beach blankets in action – spread out on the sand or over beach chairs.

Travel Throws

Summer is a major travel season, and your blankets can make any journey more comfortable. Design lightweight throw blankets that are perfect for planes, trains, and road trips. When marketing these travel throws, show how they can be used on chilly airplanes, for impromptu naps during layovers, or to cozy up in the car. You can also partner with travel bloggers or influencers to showcase your blankets in various travel scenarios.

Campfire Companions

Summer camping trips aren't complete without evenings around the campfire, and your blankets can make these moments even more special. Create fire-resistant blankets that campers can safely use near the flames. Use warm, earthy colors that complement the outdoor setting. In your marketing, paint a picture of cozy campfire scenes featuring your blankets. Highlight how they add comfort and warmth to outdoor adventures. Consider partnering with camping supply stores or outdoor adventure companies to reach your target audience.

Outdoor Movie Nights

Watching movies in the backyard at night is a fun summer activity, and your blankets can play a vital role. Design blankets for this outdoor movie night, using darker colors that won't reflect light and distract anyone from the movie. Create blankets that are large enough to accommodate couples or families. When marketing these movie night blankets, describe how they improve the outdoor cinema experience and make every movie a memorable one.



Summer doesn't have to be a slow period for your blanket business. Design blankets that are suitable for various summer activities. Also, you can market your blankets through social media, your website, local events, and festivals. Ensure that your marketing efforts showcase your summer blankets in action. With the insightful ideas above, you can design and market your cozy blankets and make them a must-have accessory during summer.

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