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FiberArt 2023 Textile Review | Custom Woven Tapestries

Updated: Feb 7

2023 Textiles Review

Custom Woven Tapestries

2023 brought FiberArt several new and exciting projects and opportunities. We have gotten to work with Apparel & Fashion Designers, new Blanket Designers, Large Traditional Tapestry Commissions, and some unique outside-of-the-box projects.

This past year also brought a lot of brand changes. We are so thankful to our supportive and kind community for supporting us through these changes! We are hoping to reward you with some innovations coming in 2024 that we will hopefully be announcing shortly.




Saatchi Art’s large tapestry commission was a highlight for 2023. While it was a challenges in the beginning, we were able

to persevere and come up with solutions to some color-matching technicalities. 

This piece was absolutely stunning to see. The sheer size, and attention to detail by the original artist, our artist Sarah Simpson, and the weavers leave you awestruck. 

It is currently on display in the Boca Raton Yacht Club.


Tahlia Stanton stunned us with her textiles being shown off in gorgeous woven apparel on the runway of London Fashion Week.

She worked closely with the fashion designers at Fashion Studio to create this amazing custom woven coat, kimono, and dress.  All of these are fashioned from woven blankets, which we have seen a rise in the past year.

We are looking forward to seeing more from Tahlia this upcoming year!


This year, FiberArt worked with the New Media Department at UNC Asheville to introduce students to the world of weaving! 

In the class, students started working with traditional looms, and moved into modern weaving with FiberArt. for their final, they integrated an interactive element for the final exhibition. 

This exhibition was held alongside Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center’s ReVIEWING, which focused on Annie Albers and her peers and students, and was accompanied by a couple of woven pieces from Qualeasha Wood & Philip Stearns.

We loved seeing the results of this class and can’t wait to see what UNCA students make next year!


Laura Splan and Adam Lamson collaborated on this “mind blowing” display of visualizing science through art.

Using our woven blanket tapestry fabric, Laura helped visualize Adam’s research computational biology simulations through weaving. Trust us when we say that their video will explain this better than we ever could.

These types of projects always enlighten a new way of looking at the art of weaving and how it can be used to explore unique ways visual expression.


Artist Appreciation


Israel Shotridge is an incredibly talented traditional and contemporary artist, who has been creating Native Art for over 35 years. His skill set ranges from carving, to jewelry engraving, all incorporating his traditional Tlingit artistry.

Being able to portray his art on our woven blanket tapestries has been a wonderful creative journey. Every piece is bold and tells a story that only he could translate into a beautiful design.


Three Bell Artisans always knows how to make our custom traditional woven tapestries shine. Their highly detailed tapestries either recreate great works throughout history or reference them in a new and fun way.

We love seeing the level of detail that these tapestries can achieve, and cannot wait to see more projects like these!


Carne Bollente is such a standout company. Their mission statement, focusing on sex positivity, is something we don’t get to be a part of often.

Their woven blankets, and the imagery paired with them, always make such sensational décor pieces. This, alongside their 1% sales donation and other fundraisers for AIDES, makes them such a unique and exciting group to work with.

Their projects, and collections, are always unique and stand out among the crowd. We hope to see more from them in 2024!


FiberArt 2024

Last year was incredible. We appreciate you for allowing us to be a part of your creativity, and cannot wait to see what you create next. This year is going to be a year of innovations and improvements.

Last year, we added our Weave-On-Demand option to help artists eliminate inventory space and avoid product surplus. This year, we are working diligently on color and sustainability. We won't spoil the surprise now, but just keep an eye out for our newsletter announcing something big.

Alongside these improvements, we already have some special weaving projects planned and in the works for this year! We plan on writing detailed blogs about the design weaving process for these larger woven tapestry and blanket projects. Is there anything you are curious about when it comes to some of the more ambitious tapestries? Leave a comment, and we will address it in the next project overview!

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