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Sustainable Textile Manufacturing

Updated: Feb 14

FiberArt is Taking a Leap Forward | Becoming a More Sustainable Textile Manufacturer

At FiberArt, we have always been moving towards becoming a more carbon-neutral & sustainable textile manufacturer. We have developed several sustainable manufacturing approaches throughout the years. One of the most notable is our water reclamation process which saves over 3,000 gallons of water per day, allowing us to process 2,000 blankets only using 30 gallons of water.

FiberArt clients & artists also have the option to process orders using Weave On Demand, which minimizes manufacturing waste, creates a more efficient and sustainable supply chain, and eliminates unnecessary storage allocation and unsold products on their end.

But let's dive into our big leap forward in sustainable manufacturing...

Converting to Solar Power

In 2024, FiberArt plans to have solar panels installed on the rooftop of our weaving mill! This will greatly reduce the non-renewable resources needed to operate our mill. Over time, we plan to run on 100% solar power, eliminating most of our operation's carbon footprint.

The installation is a very involved process. We aren't sure how soon it will be completed, but work is planned to begin in May. A lot of factors will go into how quickly, or slowly, the installation progresses. All of which we will document and discuss through our blogs!

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Plans

An aerial shot of our mill with the expected solar panel layout.

Share Your Thoughts!

We are so excited to this step towards becoming a more energy efficient, and environmentally responsible textile manufacturer! We plan on sharing more details about the operations once they begin, but in the meantime do you have any questions regarding this change? What difficulties are involved with becoming more ecofriendly? How and when we came to this decision?

Leave some comments below with what you think, or any questions you have for us! We love reading your opinions on changes like these. Also be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with news similar to this one, we have plenty of upcoming announcements this year!

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